Iceland’s lighthouses in watercolours.

Mathilde Morant, an artist of Breton origin, moved to Iceland. The nature of this country allows him to make watercolours.

In 2018, looking at a map of that country, she sees a lot of points along the coast. They are lighthouses.
The Viti Project was born, she decides to meet them and draw them. Hard work when you know that many of them are very difficult to access where few people go.

To date, her work is not finished, she has seen about 150 and she has a few left.
She is also preparing a book.

When we look at the map of Iceland, we can easily see that the coast is very cut. This involves many lighthouses, both for coastal navigation and to access ports that are often at the bottom of its fjords.
The watercolours are distributed among the different regions.

Enjoy your visit.


I would first like to congratulate Ms. Mathilde Morant for her work. Her watercolours represent the lighthouses in their environments. These are sometimes landscapes of the end of the world.
Then because she remained faithful to her project to paint the 150 Icelandic lighthouses. She went to the end of her project. It has not always had easy access. Few are accessible by a road. She sometimes had to walk in the mountains for hours, walk along cliffs or make several attempts by canoe.
To this must be added that the climate has not always helped and often very changing, wind, rain, snow and storm.

In closing, I thank her for her help and sharing of photos.

You can find her on her Facebook and on her website.