Replacement of a Fresnel optic by an LED.

The Lynmouth Lighthouse is located in Devon - UK. It has been in operation since 1900 to help navigate the Bristol Canal.
It was electrified in 1975 and automated in 1994.

It is no longer manned but the keeper house is offered for rent.

The optics of Fresnel.

At the beginning of 2022, it was modernized.
Fresnel’s old optics are 1° order and consist of 8 panels per group of 4 turns on its mercury tank. It was replaced by a two-LED system.
Trinity House wanted to ensure safety at sea and reduce the number of interventions.

Sad for lovers of these lenses.
I would like to thank Nick Chappel, a technician at Trinity House, for his photos.

The new LED system.

The LEDs used are built by Sabik Marine. The model is the VLB-92.

It offers high light intensity. Its range is from 13 miles to 22 miles.
Leds are programmable to have the desired code.

In this case, a double system is installed. The second LED serves as a backup in case of failure of the first.