The lighthouse of Lindesnes.

The lighthouse is located at the southernmost point of Norway. It indicates the entrance of the Skaggerak and the Baltic Sea from the North Sea.
The first lighthouse there was in 1656. It was coal-fired. Several others followed.
The current lighthouse is 1915. It’s cast iron. It’s not high, it’s about 16 m high. It’s built on a cliff. Its lamp is 50 m above sea level. With his first order lens, the light has a range of 17 miles or 32 km. The lighthouse has been electrified since the 1950s.

The Lindesnes lighthouse belongs to the Norwegian coastal administration. A museum has been developed there. It shows the old optics and the old coal system. That’s how the first lights worked.
A separate building was intended for the foghorn. Further, the white structure is the foundation of the old coal lighthouse.

Visit the lighthouse and its museum.


I would like to thank Mr Espen Frøysland, site manager and Thea Jåvold, his employee.
They took these photos for this page and helped me make it happen

Information about this lighthouse and its visit is available on their website.