Needles lighthouse.

Needles Lighthouse is located on a rocky point west of Wight Island. The approach to the island is dangerous with rocks and cliffs up to 120 m high.
The first lighthouse was commissioned in 1785. It is placed above the cliff at a height of 144 m. But in case of fog, it was not visible.
A new lighthouse was built in 1859. It is located 24 m below sea level. To make room for the foundations, part of the rock was cut. The cellars and warehouses were excavated in the chalk rock.
The optics of the second order are fixed with white, red and green sectors. Its range is 17 miles.
A helipad was built above the lantern in 1987. It was automated in 1994.
Its base was rebuilt in 2010 and the interior was also renovated.

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I would like to thank Nick Chappel, a technician at Trinity House, for his photos.